Martin has actively managed real estate developments, and has acted as the asset manager for high-net worth individuals and is extremely knowledgeable in the forward estate planning process and minimizing estate and death taxes for those whom he serves. 



Whether working with clients on an institutional level or managing the personal wealth of high-net worth individuals, each transaction is designed to accomplish the following.

  • Maximize cash flow through income producing properties
  • Manage high level and complicated tax planning, estate planning and implementation of entities and other methods of holding property to limit estate taxes
  • Restructuring and purchasing properties, distressed and otherwise from the United States bankruptcy court
  • Stabilize problem properties which require capital investment and aggressive asset management
  • Negotiate, acquire and finance build to suits, investment grade real estate projects
  • Provide investment and loan opportunities for challenging real estate transactions
  • Forms limited liability companies with fractionalized ownership
  •  Oversees costs segregation studies for rapid depreciation
  • Oversees the gifting and or transfers of minorities interests in various vehicles under which one owns property to create the applicable discounts for lack of control, minority interest, and lack of management 

A Firm Foundation of Success

Martin has actively been involved with or worked directly in partnership on numerous real estate developments, investments, managed assets and tackled all the necessary requirements of forward estates planning since 1977.

The ability to quickly provide exceptionally high returns and become a trusted advisor can be demonstrated by reviewing just some of the clients and partners that Martin has worked with previously, which includes but not limited to the following:  

  • Robert Praegitzer / Praegitzer Industries
  • The Koll Companies
  • Occidental Petroleum Corporation
  • Pacesetter Homes
  • The Perugini family
  • Charles Boxenbaum
  • Charles Markley, Esq.
  • Franck Beaugendre
  • Cannon Management
  • LA Fitness
  • Arch Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church Nevada
  • CLK Properties
  • John A. Menard, Jr
  • The Wrigley Family
  • Dickerhoof Properties 
  • Dr. Donald M. Miller
  • Fifth Third Bank